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Water cooling strand pelletizer

 groupApplies to: reinforced plastics, inorganic filler, a variety of cable, masterbatch, cable insulation material, masterbatch, flame retardant material.

A metering feeder 2, the metering feeder (3), metering feeders 4, the liquid storage tank 5, a side feeder 6, 7 twin-screw extruder, the exhaust port 8, the cold cutting head 9 , 10 cooling tank, drying machine 11, granulator

Air-cooled die face pelletizer group

Suitable for: high filler, XLPE XLPE cable material, PVC cable, shoe materials, TPR thermoplastic elastomer.

A metering feeder 2, 3 twin-screw extruder, the exhaust chamber 4, 5 air-cooled cutting machine, conveyor blower 6, 7 cyclone, shaker


Water ring pelletizer group

Applies to: all types of cable, EVA thermoplastic material, all types of masterbatch, low filler, TPU, TPR thermoplastic elastomer.
  1, 2, 3 twin-screw extruder, metering feeder 5, lateral metering feeder 6, the exhaust chamber 7, the water ring pelletizer 8, dryer 9, 10 small cyclone, conveyor 11 fans, silos

Dual-stage spray granulator eccentric group

Suitable for: PVC cable, shoe materials, transparent material, XLPE insulation material crosslinked thermoplastic elastomer, a variety of high filler.

1, 2 twin-screw extruder, metering feeder 3, forced feeder 4, the exhaust chamber 5, 6 transitional body, single-screw extruder 7, eccentric pelletizer 8, storage silos

Underwater pelletizer group

Applies to: adhesions tablets, thermoplastic elastomers, processing PE, PP, ABS, PS and other large equipment.
  1, 2, 3 storage tank, said the four weightlessness metering, metering feeder 5, 6 twin-screw extruder, the exhaust chamber 7, 8 double-column changer, car valve 9, pelletizer 10. dehydrator 11, shaker 12, conveyor blower 13, pump 14, water circulation system 15, 16 silos, weighing baler