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Single tube heater

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Applicable scope: one, single end electrothermal tube explosion proof markExd II BT4 ExD Ⅱ BT6 Exde II CT6.

       The electric heating tube can be widely used for heating water, oil, air, nitrate solution, acid solution, alkali solution and low melting point metal (aluminum,zinc, tin, babbit alloy).

       1, pipeline heater: electric heating tube is mainly used for blowing pipeinstalled in the air heating system, as blowing hot air. Also can be used as all kinds of drying oven, electric heating element.

       2, nitrate solution, oil, water heating: tubular electric heating element formingwelded on the flange. Electric heating tube is used to open, closed heatingsolution box type and circulation system using.

       3, single end electrothermal pipe heater: for not working in the heating medium ends wiring, suitable for hot box core, core shooting machine and other equipment in use.

       Two, performance advantages: electric heating tube has the advantages of simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, safe and reliable, sensitive and durable.

       Three, the product structure: heating pipe is in a seamless metal tube is filled with electric heating wires, gap part tightly filled with good thermal conductivity and dielectric properties of crystalline magnesium oxide powder into. Titaniumand titanium electric heat pipe steam pipe titanium with the proportion of small,high strength, corrosion resistance. Practice has proved: titanium application in anti-corrosion equipment production, high efficiency, long service life, inelectroplating equipment applications, does not affect the plating solution can greatly improve the efficiency of electroplating industry.