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Double-metal alloy bushes

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Barrel produced by our company is mainly made of the following two kinds of materials:

(1) double metal bushing +45# steel shell

This cylinder produced by our company is  strong wear resistant alloy bushing.Characteristics of strong wear resistant property. The superiority is easy to repair, thus reducing the use cost of users.

(2) 38CrMoAI nitrided steel cylinder

It is mainly good corrosion resistance performance

We renovated machine barrel for customers are mainly adopt the followingmethods:

A, for the alloy bushing

B, dredging the channel pore

C, other

Our company supporting the production of alpha 101 double alloy sleeve after years of production practice, process and absorption of the introduction of foreign level, has been the vast numbers of plastic machinery fittingsfactory acceptance and praise.

Double metal sleeve is in common steel surface composite casting a layer ofthickness 2--3 mm high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance of alpha101 alloy, and then by the special machining into. After processing the alloyhardness is HRC58-62, compared with nitriding steel, its life is 2-3 timeshigher, due to the special processing, in use will not produce abscission andcracking phenomenon. Widely used in the production of high wear andcorrosion in the plastic processing.

My company to undertake various specifications of double alloy sleeve processing, welcome your purchasing!