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Kneading block

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    Wear resistant and tough thread sleeve and kneading block to minimizedowntime extruder. Jinwo manufacturing screw and kneading block material are 38CrMoAlA, W6Mo5Cr4V2 and powder alloy composite material, plus domestic large military enterprises heat treatment technology support, Jinwocan provide high-quality products for customers (specification Phi 20 and phi177 and other types of single, six spline, inner six angle, involute spline, etc.)at the same time, according to the special requirements of customerscustomized special specifications of products.

Each piece of product processing equipment and high precision, high efficiency and strict testing means that the gold factory has interchangeability.Jinwo strong processing power, adequate inventory, can provide domesticmachine standard products, foreign machinery and domestic non standard machine components at any time to provide our clients, Jinwo can deliver in 10 days.