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Split co-rotating & parallel double screw

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Structural  features

      Split type cylinder .The previous  double-screw extruder is often integrated type which cannot be opened.While the split double-screw extruder is split type composed of  an  upper half  cylinder and  a  lower  half  cylinder,where in the lower half

cylinder  is  fixed onto the stand ,the upper half cylinder is  coupled to the lower half cylinder via a worm reducer. The upper half cylinder and the lower half cylinder are firmly connected together via two rows of bolts. To open the cylinder, it is only required to release the bolts and turn the worm box handle.

      Modular screws and cylinders.The screw  and cylinder of the main body of the split double-screw extruder adopt  the advanced "modular type"design.The screws are composed of scew blocks in various technical  forms sleeved  onto the spindle. The inner bushes in the cylinders are adjustable according  to different screw blocks . Therefore, any ideal threaded element structure forms canbe combined as per material variety and other technical requirements,in this way to  realize various technical processes such as material conveyance, plasticizing, refining,cutting, exhaust,pressure buklding and estrusion, thus ideally addressing the common conflict between the uniiversality of screws and their specificity,and achieving one machine with multiple usages and with multiple usages and with multiple capacities. Another advantage of "modular type "design is that the worn parts of the screws and cylinders  can be partially replaced, which avoid  the scrapping of the whole screw or cylinder ,thus greatly decreasing the maintenance cost.

     The double screws of the main body are high-speed co-rotating engagement type,which can generate violent and  complicated material transfer,exchanging, separation ,blending ,shearing and engagement among various threaded  and mixing components.These functions can realize full and flexible adjustment through the change of screw  configuration and technique so as to ment all kinds of technical requirements .

      Accurate  measurement of the main body are high-speed  co-rating engagement type ,which can generate violent and  complicated material  transfer ,exchanging ,separation,blending, shearing and engagment among various treaded and mixing components.These functions can realize  flexible adjustment .